About Canas & The Azuero

Canas Del Sol is located in the village of Canas, a sleepy little fishing village where turtles come to spawn and hatch their eggs faithfully every year. Canas is a perfect blend of land and sea. Sprawling pastures and jungled hills roll right down to the sandy beaches where the cobalt blue surf rolls in on large tubular waves.

There is no other area in Panama where the countryside and seaside is so amazingly, simply itself. Its like the old west of California 200 years ago where there were sparse populations of cowboys, farmlands and untainted beaches. Here you can walk for miles on beaches and never see another soul, except for the occasional Panamanian kids laughing hysterically and racing by on their little horses at a flat out gallop, chasing each other to the end of the beach.

Here, your neighbors are mostly English speaking ex-pats from all over the world who have settled in amongst the original Panamanian cowboys who tend daily to their extensive rolling green pastures dotted with specks of milky white cattle grazing peacefully to their own rhythm. Early morning milk carts make their rounds every day, still pulled by the old fashioned and ever faithful horse. Here, there is a peace and happiness in the air. Locals who never even got the pony express mail service are now quickly adapting to internet, English, cell phones and email. Fifty years have easily been lost here and no one cares. There is probably no other place on earth where old and new live in such effortless harmony. Just be careful to watch out for monkeys when you are zipping down the meandering beautiful country roads without a care in the world. Colorfully illustrated, hand-painted signs saying 'Cuidado, Cruzen Los Monos' line the street as reminders.

The town of Canas is quiet, and yet there is much to do for those who seek it. Just down the road lies the most famous surfing beach in Panama, Playa Venao. Die hard surfing enthusiasts from all the world travel here to enjoy the year round perfect surfing conditions from beginner to expert. Their energy and enthusiasm dictates the mood at Playa Venao and gives it a free spirited Bohemian feel. Several luxurious small resorts have opened here to cater to the adventurous visitors where you can now get a gourmet meal at any time of the day, rent horses to ride on the beach, swim, laze around for the day or stay over night. The weekends here at the Playa Venao resorts are bustling with an international clientele of all ages and never lacking for a good party!

Even with signs of ever growing numbers of immigrants coming to the area to settle down or own a second home, the Azuero Peninsula is still such an open frontier. The area is so underpopulated and there is so much open space, no one feels a threat to their private space and, on the contrary, welcome all visitors with eagerness and curiosity. The nearby town of Pedasi beckons tourists to come enjoy their little town and new cafes, restaurants and bed & breakfasts flower the streets with their colorfully painted little buildings. Down the road from Pedasi is La Isla Iguana, a nature preserve islet where you can take day trips by boat and snorkel uninhabited beaches.

Also completely unique to the Azuero Peninsula is its climate. The Azuero gets a pleasant 5 month dry season, between November through March, unlike any other location in Panama. This is an absolutely delightful change in season. The hills turn richly golden similar to California's wine country and dark leafy trees populate the hills. The air is dry and feels cooler and there is never any lack of a breeze whispering through from the Pacific Ocean. This keeps a balance with the overgrowth of foilage and controls insect populations. It is no wonder this time of year is so popular with tourists, as it is also warm here when the rest of the northern hemisphere is enduring its cold winter months. Then, just when its time, the rain comes around again in the wet season. A typical day is sunny in the mornings with light to moderate showers in the afternoons, which refreshes and cools off the atmosphere. Occasional thunderstorms make for exotic and exhilirating lightening shows over the Pacific horizon during this period, a must see experience.

 A couple hours up the road from Canas you will find Las Tablas, a larger town with all the modern shopping conveniences one might need for home and family. Las Tablas is famous for its outrageous Carnival festivals during the season of lent, a week long party which you are sure to never forget! In fact, ALL of the various experiences here on the Azuero, are simply... unforgettable!

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